During and after the construction process, it is not uncommon for defects in the construction of the building to occur. Whether it be from a failure to properly compact subsoils under a slab or a combination of improper design coupled with poor construction techniques, my firm has over 41 years of experience in bringing claims on behalf of owners and defending such claims on behalf of contractors and sub-contractors.

Many times, construction defect claims are brought by an owner in response to the contractor’s request for final payment or in response to a Pay Application submitted by the contractor mid- project. My firm has the expertise and experience to retain the proper consultants and experts necessary to both investigate and determine whether the claims have legitimacy and if they do, the best mechanism by they can be resolved, whether representing the owner or defending the Contractor. Over the past forty-one years, I have handled hundreds of such claims, winning and recovering millions of dollars on behalf of owners and successfully defending millions of dollars in unsubstantiated claims against contractors.