Dana Strout and I have known each other since he first set up his practice in Maine; on occasion, I have offered professional support in some of the cases Dana has litigated. During the course of our preparations for such cases, I was also able to get a glimpse of Dana Strout the person, as well as Dana Strout the attorney. To his work, Dana brings solid personal convictions and blends them with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Without reservation I would highly recommend Dana to anyone seeking legal services in any of the areas of his expertise.

“Dana has been our corporate attorney for a number of years and he has an excellent understanding of construction contracts and construction practices. I would recommend him to any construction company, homeowner, or business owner.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Dana Strout to resolve a performance and contract adherence issue with a local, master builder in the Mid-Coast Maine area. After completion of the construction project, I found myself in a difficult situation and in need of expert legal representation to help me resolve several project issues. I knew I found the right attorney after speaking to Dana the very first time. Dana is a very straightforward, balanced, and engaged attorney that is not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and digging into his client’s issue. He focuses on delivering the best advice and guidance after fully understanding the facts of the case, comparing the facts against his more than 40 years of experience, and of course, comparing the facts against local and State rules, regulations and laws. Dana puts a premium on resolving issues quickly without litigation, if possible, to save the client undo stress and inflated legal fees and costs. If you are looking for an experienced, passionate, straight-shooting attorney that will tell you what will fly and what won't, when to hold a position or when to move forward, then I highly recommend Dana Strout as the attorney for you. ”

Fortunately, Dana's skills have largely been a resource for ensuring that we build and maintain good working relationships with our valued clients. He has done that by drafting a family of contracts for our use. These contracts were designed to clearly specify and communicate expectations and communications for a project, the best way to not need Dana's services later. When the contract terms do not do enough to keep expectations aligned, Dana brings an incredible knowledge of the trades, diligence in his case preparation, and probing interrogation style to your side. - His win rate is high for a reason.

I was given several attorney recommendations about ten years ago for my first construction-related case—i interviewed Dana and threw the other names away.

Dana’s extraordinary abilities to assess the case, communicate options, and navigate the legal maze are unmatched in getting to a satisfactory resolution. Outcome is never certain but Dana is a master at weighing the emotional and financial toll for each case. He brings the totality of his skills to the table so that you can more accurately gauge your options as you embark down the legal path—which can be long and difficult.

Trust is the bedrock in the lawyer/client relationship and Dana always provides that base on which to stand.

face it folks, if you are in a legal battle then you’re f----. and you might as well take the ride with someone you can trust. i vote dana strout.